Welcome to NickBPhotography, the home of Surrey based photographer Nick Brock. Here you'll find a collection of my favourite images I've captured since 2005.


After acquiring my first camera in 2005, my hobby rapidly became an obsession. As I progressed from camera to camera, I developed a range of skills and techniques in many different genres, providing me with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Although abstract, human and animal subjects remain a frequent favourite, I enjoy photographing a variety of different subjects. A quick browse of my portfolio galleries will provide insight into what makes me click...


A self taught photographer, my philosophy has always been “take, don’t make photographs… getting it right in camera”. I strive to capture technically excellent photographs which can be printed from camera. That is not to say I do not use photo editing software to further enhance my photographs. However, the majority of the photographs you’ll find on this website have received very little in the way of photo editing. To me, photo editing is the icing on the photographic cake. It should enhance but never make a photograph. It’s make up, not made up…


Throughout my photographic journey, I have been influenced by not one, but several photographers. A special mention to Martynas Milkevicius, Ric Alexander and Rupert Fowler.